Implementing iOS Apps with iCloud Support

My first Bachelor Paper on the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien describes the way how to implement your own apps for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iCloud support.


Nowadays Information is an important asset for us in the professional, but also private life. The mobile phone is our constant companion and tablets gain more and more popularity because of the ease of use (screen size, larger virtual keyboard). In addition to these mobile devices a lot of users maybe also own a laptop or a desktop computer. Many applications (apps) are using the cloud to synchronize the data on different devices. Apple’s solution for the cloud service is currently iCloud.

In my paper, I will show how to develop applications for iOS devices (such as iPhone and iPad) that store the data in the iCloud. After an introduction to the features of iCloud, I will describe the fundamentals of the data storages on iOS devices by giving several examples. The last chapter extends the application with integrating the three kinds of iCloud storages. Those types are based on and similar to local storages types.

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